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What we do


Creative design solution for residential and retail spaces. Interior spaces are often completely re-imagined beyond the decorative, to eliminate limitations between the built environment and better way of life.

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Our designers and dedicated procurement team provide beautiful and solutions. Whether providing bespoke projects for both residential and offices, Homekin aims to deliver interiors that don’t just look aesthetically pleasing, but which function intelligently on a day-to-day measure as well.



We are a group of interior decorators and entrepreneurs based in Manila. Dedicated to advancing our craft, we believe in invoking the distinct character of every project and we are committed to make our client’s dream spaces to reality. 

About Us


01. Mission

To cultivate collaborative, efficient, and substantial design concept in every project endeavor. To encourage and educate clients to take part in sustainable design strategies and Home automation in their future ventures.

02. Vision

Our vision is to provide comfortable, artistic, and innovative solution in residential and retail projects.

03. What We Do

Delivering diverse scale of residential and office projects, our team of entrepreneurs, designers and visualizers offer a service tailored to each individual project from concept to completion. We concentrate on giving our client’s a home that is truly personal to them and their family while also bearing in mind safety, function and innovation.


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